Get your thinking hats on and earn some FLOOP for some clever ideas
Here at Caviar we are very concerned with details and we think that the V2.2 engine is really unique with it's Single Token Liquidity but it is not without it's risks. The super simple user experience of adding just 1 token is great, but with great power comes great responsibility...

Want to earn some FLOOP or XRD?

If you know of, or can dream up a decent attack / hack / atomic (or not) / flaw and or exploit that you think could be used maliciously against CaviarSwap V2.2 engine and specifically Single Token LP, we will reward you IF we haven't heard of it before! (Extra rewards will be given for real-world countermeasures!) Thank you!

Previous know attack vectors

Obviously we don't list attack vectors, but we do list the hash(description) so we can prove to you we have seen them already!