What fees? Who, where? Ahhh not me....
Liquidity Providers earn a proportion of the Transaction fees that go through CaviarSwap V2.2 Pools

Fees earned from Liquidity Providing

When any trade goes through on a CaviarSwap V2.2 Pool, transaction fees are taken (see below) and these are attributed to all tokens (in the pool) that aided the trade.
  • 80% of all transaction fees on trades go to LP providers
  • 20% of all transaction fees goes to FLOOP stakers

Base fee structure for trades executed on V2 Pools are:

  • 0.50% with no FLOOP (sFLOOP or C2FLOOP) discount
  • 0.10% if the sum of your FLOOP, sFLOOP, C2FLOOP is 1.0 or bigger
  • Scales linearly in between, example if a wallet holds FLOOP, sFLOOP, C2FLOOP sums up to 0.5, it means the fee will be 0.30%
CaviarSwap is a centralised prototype and a proof of concept for swapping, staking and liquidity providing in tokens on the Radix ledger and is not a real decentralised working product. Any loss, damages, or liability resulting from the use of CaviarSwap is the sole responsibility of the user. CaviarSwap, Caviar Labs or the Caviar Team are not liable for any such loss, damages, or liability, whether direct or indirect, arising from the use of CaviarSwap. We strongly recommend you read the full disclaimer here