Welcome to CaviarSwap V2.2 - The Smartest cDex on Radix
CaviarSwap V2.2 is the second generation cDEX (centralised Decentralised Exchange) from the Caviar Team that includes Single Token Liquidity over its predecessor.
CaviarSwap V2 includes all the goodies that the original cDEX:
  • Swapping tokens at the lowest fees on Radix
  • Minimum orders
  • Multi transactions in a single request
  • Deep multi-token pools giving the lowest transaction cost and the most up to date price
And now includes the additional amazing features:
  • Adding / removing liquidity in a single Token
  • Earning fees from the liquidity you have added to CaviarSwap V2
  • Ability to choose the tokens you want exposure too
NB until Babylon release, all liquidity sources are centralised venues.
Use of the Z3US Radix Community Web3 wallet is at the user's own risk.
Last modified 1mo ago