The yield token for Caviar's dex and aggregator products.


FLOOP was the 15th token on the Radix network minted with a fixed supply of 1000 on the 19th August 2021 The weeks following we airdropped 0.0999999999 FLOOP to every wallet that every existed on the Radix Mainnet and 1 FLOOP was airdropped to each validator. The last airdrop was 9th September 2021 When DSOR Aggregator was released we restarted the FLOOP airdrop campaign to promote dsor.io and caviarswap.io Liquidity Providing


  • Total Supply 1000 FLOOP
  • Circulation ~550 FLOOP
  • Remaining ~450 FLOOP (200 for the team and 250 undecided)


This is the current resource address in Radix Mainnet:
$FLOOP was the first utility token on Radix, giving holders reduced fees on Caviar Swap. After that it also become a yield token as you can stake their token and earn fees.
Holders of $FLOOP tokens can choose to stake them to share the fee income from:
  • A percentage of the AlgoPools Fees
  • 20% fees from CaviarSwap (caviarswap.io)
  • The Fixed Fee from our Aggregator DSOR (app.dsor.io)
Stake your $FLOOP and receive sFLOOP staking tokens.
Unstake your sFLOOP and receive your original $FLOOP plus earned fee income (as $FLOOP)
While staking, your sFLOOP still gives you fee discounts at Caviar Swap.

Future for FLOOP

FLOOP plays a core role at Caviar being the token that earns fees from CaviarSwap Dex and DSOR aggregator. If we release other simple 'linear' product dexes or aggregators, the intention is that the fees earned from these will be sent to FLOOP stakers also. If / When Caviar releases more complex products like perpetuals, derivatives etc in any shape or form these will not be for FLOOP. FLOOP is the yield token for Caviar's primary base core products. We have no plans phase out FLOOP as it is an integral part of Caviar (and Radix) Ecosystem. There is a strong chance that the FLOOP token minted on Radix Mainnet will be replaced with a Babylon FLOOP token which will be attainable via a 1-way smart contract bridge.
More details soon