How To Stake FLOOP

What is sFLOOP

When you stake your FLOOP you receive sFLOOP in return
sFLOOP, like FLOOP is still a discount token when trading on CaviarSwap so no need to worry about trading fees!
Please note that all staking / unstaking of FLOOP is done with the cascade wallet regardless if you do it manually or using the web3 interface on or​

Manually Staking / UnStaking FLOOP

This option is for people who want to stake their FLOOP using the Radix Desktop Wallet (or another wallet even Z3US...) manual style...
All staking / unstaking is done with the cascade wallet:
Also note that we do not charge anything to stake/unstake and unlike XRD it is instant! That means you can Stake and UnStake as often and as freely as you like

Staking FLOOP

To stake your FLOOP send FLOOP to cascade wallet (above) with the message:
stake floop
Within a short period of time (20-30 seconds) you will receive sFLOOP in return. That's it, you have now successfully staked your FLOOP
Please note: you will NOT get back the same amount of sFLOOP as FLOOP you have staked. The reason why is that the sFLOOP amount represents the proportion of the FLOOP Pool you have. When you unstake you will always get back 100% of you FLOOP + interest so don't worry!

UnStaking FLOOP

To unstake your FLOOP send your sFLOOP to cascade wallet (above) with the message:
unstake floop
Within a short period of time (20-30 seconds) you will receive your FLOOP back. So simple! You have now unstaked your FLOOP
If your FLOOP has been staked for non immaterial amount of time, then your FLOOP will have earned fees and will be larger than your original amount. Check out: Fees for more details how your FLOOP earns interest.