Quick info
Who are Caviar Labs
A Singapore registered software development house and is the creator of the CaviarSwap.io website and many other web2 and web3 applications. You can find more about them here: https://caviarlabs.io/
Who are the Caviar Team
A group of individuals in charge of developing the Caviar Crypto ecosystem, which includes, but is not limited to the Radix ledger tokens CAVIAR, FLOOP and RADIT.
Is it safe to use CaviarSwap?
So to the best of our knowledge yes it is safe, but we do not recommend you using it with any tokens that you are not willing to lose before Smart contracts and Babylon! If you have a doubt, do not use CaviarSwap. The Caviar Team strongly encourages users not to use CaviarSwap with any tokens that they are not willing to lose and to exercise caution and diligence when using the website, api and web software. Please see our full disclaimer here
How does the V2.2 work exactly?
Yeah this is a tough one! On one hand we want to explain the cool wizardary behind it and on the other we want to protect our IP and launch at Babylon... See the how it works section for a general overview...
Wen no airdrop airdrop?
This is a special airdrop that can only be signed up for on our telegram chat.. https://t.me/caviarxrd