How to Add Non-XRD Liquidity

Free to put in and free to take out!
Right so a quick overview of how to add liquidity. It's pretty simple so we will keep it short!
But first a disclaimer

** Supplying liquidity may result in you receiving less when you remove your liquidity ***


Tokens you can stake liquidity with

Please see the tokens we support for adding liquidity here​
If you're too lazy to click on that link, then here is another link​
Do NOT send any other tokens as we cannot refund them

Old school way

You can be old school and just send a token using any wallet to our quantum wallet with the correct message (see below) and you will able to add and remove liquidity:
Wallet address

Adding Liquidity

Send your token to the quantum wallet (above) with the message:
add liquidity
Within a short period of time you will receive you C2 liquidity tokens back in return. That's it, you have now successfully added liquidity.
Please note: you will NOT get back the same amount of the C2 liquidity tokens as the token you have added liquidity with as this represents the proportion of the tokens worth you have in the DEX

Web3 Way - Z3US

By using Z3US you can seamlessly add liquidity at​
Step 1) On the LIQUIDITY tab select a token you want to add liquidity in and choose an amount. Here I chose 100 CAVIAR
Step 2) Press the ADD LIQUIDITY button and Z3US will ask for a confirmation. (Ignore the FEE information from Z3US, unfortunately thats wrong. You just pay ~0.05 XRD to send your token)
That's it you're done! When you return back to the LIQUIDITY TAB after say 20-30 seconds you'll see you're liquidity that you added! (You can see at this at the bottom!)