How to Add XRD Liquidity

Free to put in and free to take out!
So adding Liquidity in XRD is slightly different because you have a few more choices!
But first a disclaimer

** Supplying liquidity may result in you receiving less when you remove your liquidity ***


What are my choices with adding XRD liquidity?

When adding XRD liquidity to CaviarSwap V2.2+ you have to choose what tokens you will be exposed to. These tokens you pick play two major roles
  • They are the tokens you will earn transaction fees from
  • They are the tokens you are exposed to from a Impermanent Loss (IL) point of view
When adding liquidity in XRD you pick the exposure to the other tokens you desire, which is very powerful
Let's say we would like our XRD to be used against CAVIAR and FLOOP trading only and have no exposure to other tokens. Then we would simply pick the XRD pot that has those tokens. Example:

What happens if my XRD pot configuration doesn't exist?

Create a new XRD pot with your specific token exposure here​