Add to an Existing XRD Pot

Free to put in and free to take out!
Let's say we would like our XRD to be used against CAVIAR and FLOOP trading only and have no exposure to other tokens. Then we would simply pick the XRD pot that has those tokens. Example:

Old school way

You can be old school and just send your XRD using any wallet to our quantum wallet with the correct message (see below) and you will able to add liquidity:
Wallet address

Which XRD pot do you want to add too?

So this is the tricky bit! You need to find the name of the liquidity token you want to add too. You can see all the details in here (which is a bit fiddly):​

Some current XRD pot names:

  • c2xrd02 - CAVIAR, OCI
  • c2xrd03 - CAVIAR, OCI, DFP2
  • c2xrd04 - FLOOP
  • c2xrd05 - CAVIAR
  • c2xrd06 - DGC, FOTON, IDA, RDS
  • c2xrd07 - CAVIAR, FLOOP
  • c2xrd08 - FLOOP, OCI

Adding Liquidity

Send your XRD to the quantum wallet (above) with the message:
add liquidity {pot_name}
add liquidity c2xrd03
Also this should work...
add liquidity caviar oci dfp2
Within a short period of time you will receive you C2 liquidity tokens back in return. That's it, you have now successfully added liquidity.
Please note: you will NOT get back the same amount of the C2 liquidity tokens as the token you have added liquidity with as this represents the proportion of the tokens worth you have in the DEX

Web3 Way - Z3US

By using Z3US you can seamlessly add liquidity at​
Step 1) On the LIQUIDITY tab select the XRD with the token exposure you want, then select the amount and hit Add Liquidity Easy!