Bob and Jane

A test question to see if you can guess what's going on...
The Dex is completely empty with ZERO balances
  1. 1.
    Bob adds 100 XRD of liquidity and receives 100 C2XRD liquidity tokens
  2. 2.
    Jane adds 1000 CAVIAR of liquidity and receives 1000 C2CAVIAR liquidity tokens
  3. 3.
    The spot is 1 XRD = 5 CAVIAR
  4. 4.
    Peter comes along and sells 10 XRD for 45 CAVIAR (due to bonding maths)
  5. 5.
    Both Bob and Jane decide to remove 100% of their liquidity:
    • Bob removes liquidity with 100 C2XRD liquidity tokens...
    • Jane removes liquidity with 1000 C2CAVIAR liquidity tokens...
What do Bob and Jane each receive?
Please come and tell us in our Telegram and we'll explain the answer