CaviarSwap V2.2 Engine is the second generation engine from CaviarSwap that allows adding liquidity in a single token. This gives you the user the ability to deposit a token (or tokens) that the user cares about and add liquidity to the CaviarSwap V2.2
Typical pairwise AMM pools require you to add XRD with your token in the correct ratios to add liquidity, which is very capital inefficient. With the V2.2 engine, one can provide the token they want to earn a yield in and nothing else!

Why become a Liquidity Provider?

Adding liquidity to CaviarSwap V2.2 is extremely simple and by participating in adding one or more tokens as liquidity users could capture a share of the transaction fees generated. Make you tokens earn a yield by adding liquidity to the pool. See how to add liquidity here...

Why provide Liquidity in CaviarSwap V2.2?

Simple because it's better!
  • It's more capital efficient, which means users earn more for what the liquidity they add
  • Stake just one token, no need to sell half and buy the other for pairwise
  • Choose the exposure tokens when staking XRD! Giving users 100% control
CaviarSwap is a centralised prototype and a proof of concept for swapping, staking and liquidity providing in tokens on the Radix ledger and is not a real decentralised working product. Any loss, damages, or liability resulting from the use of CaviarSwap is the sole responsibility of the user. CaviarSwap, Caviar Labs or the Caviar Team are not liable for any such loss, damages, or liability, whether direct or indirect, arising from the use of CaviarSwap. We strongly recommend you read the full disclaimer here