All about tokens!

Tokens you can provide liquidity in:

Currently we support a lot of tokens! Please visit to see what you can add liquidity in.

Liquidity Tokens

When you add liquidity in a token you will receive back a C2 token.
Each C2 token is the same sort RRI as the original prefixed with C2, for example CAVIAR:
These tokens represent your percentage share of that tokens worth in the pool

Caviar Ecosystem

The L2 tokens for RADIT and CAVIAR and FLOOP will work the same as normal tokens!
  • Holding RADIT or C2RADIT means you will still be airdropped XRD on any activity
  • Holding FLOOP or C2FLOOP (or sFLOOP) still gives you discounts on trading at​
  • Holding C2CAVIAR entitles to all the same benefits as holding CAVIAR